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One Month later

Azula's Revenge





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One Month laterEdit

Aang was running through the streets of Omashu trying to get away. Azula followed, Zulan behind her. Aang ran but he got caught at a dead end. Azula and Zulan had him cornered. Zulan used lightening to knock him down, and Azula used firebending to finish the job.

Aang woke up, panting. It had all been a dream. Aang was sitting up next to a sleeping Katara in the Fire Nation Palace, in the guest bedroom. They were here, not for a meeting like they usually are, but for a funeral, Zuko’s funeral. Aang got up out of bed, got dressed, and preceded to go downstairs to the kitchen. There he saw Mai. Mai had not stopped wearing black since she got word of Zuko’s death. And this morning was no exception,

“Good morning, Aang,” Mai said in her usual voice. “Where’s Katara?”

“She’s still sleeping,”

Aang replied normally, but with a touch of sadness. Ever since Zuko had died the palace had been quiet, but today was different today was the day of the actual funeral, and the Palace would be swarming with people in just a few hours time. After Eating Aang went back to their room and found Katara awake. Aang was surprised; she usually never gets up this early, especially when they’re not at home,

“Your up?”

“Yes, I want to get ready for the funeral today, you should to.”

“Well, it’s not for another few hours.”

“I know I just wanted to be ready with plenty of time.”

Aang went to go get dressed into his formal clothes, the best clothes in the world. Made of the finest fabrics and the Air Nomad beads were made of the finest wood in the world. The best part was that it Aang did not have to pay for it. It was paid for by the four nations. Aang and Katara walked downstairs were they met Mai and Iroh. Aang and Katara had not seen each other since they all were in Ba Sing Se together ten years ago that was also the last time Iroh had seen Zuko. Now he was taking his spot on the throne, at least until Zuko and Mai’s son Lema turns eighteen in ten years.

Aang, Katara, Mai, Iroh, Lema, and Usra all walked together from the living quarters to the outside area just inside the palace walls. There the funeral was being held. They met the head Fire Sage Shyu. Iroh, Mai, and Lema remained standing near Shyu while Aang and Katara sat down in the front row. 15 min later, Shyu began his speech,

The FuneralEdit

“Zuko, Firelord to our nation for ten years, you were the great creator of the four nation council, the leader of are nation into an era of peace. You were one of the greatest leaders, who passed from this world to early. We lay you rest, by law your son is too young to succeeded you. You will be succeeded by your uncle, Iroh.” Shyu put the crown into Iroh’s topknot, and he became the Firelord.

“Hail, Firelord Iroh.” Shyu proclaimed. The crowd repeated, and then bowed. After that it was all over the two fire sages burned the casket, just as they always have. At that point Aang got up he couldn’t take anymore. After all, he thought this was his fault. If he hadn’t froze up, he could have stopped Azula and saved Zuko. But he didn’t. Aang left, Katara followed him.

The confrontationEdit

Aang walked back to his room and started to pack. Katara walked in. “What are you doing?”

Aang looked at her with a mix of sadness and anger, but mostly sadness. “Where going home to the Northern Air Temple, then I’m going to Ba Sing Se to kill Azula.” The words barely got out of his mouth.

Katara replied gracefully as she always had, “Aang, you don’t have to do this. There is another way.”

“No, there isn’t.”

“Yes there is, Toph, Sokka, and me can help.”

“NO, I don’t want to endanger you guys.” Aang yelled.

Katara stayed calm, she was used to doing this, “Aang, don’t worry we’ll be fine.”

“I don’t care what you think, I’m not letting you go that’s final!” Aang yelled and at this point Katara gave up.

“Look, if you want to go on this wild bear-goose chase, you can, but I’m staying here to comfort Mai, good-bye.” Katara left. Aang just stood there. Katara walked downstairs there she saw Mai. After standing in silence, Katara spoke, ”I’m sorry that Aang and I burst out.”

“It’s o.k. “ Mai said.

“We’ll I think Aang’s leaving.”


“Well, he’s got this crazy idea this whole thing is his fault.”

“What if it is?”

“IT ISN’T!” Katara yelled.

“Well, how do you know it isn’t?” Mai yelled back.

“Because I know Aang and he would never let Azula do that!”

And with that Mai stopped talking, Katara calmed down and once again it was quiet. Katara then felt guilty. After all, she had gone through a lot more than her in the past month.

“Look, were leaving, were going to find Azula, and were going to avenge Zuko’s death. Good-bye.”

“Good-bye, and please do.”

At this point Katara and Aang left. Appa took the two of them to Kyoshi Island to pick up Sokka and Toph.

“I’m not going!” Sokka replied to the offer.

“But Sokka, we need you.” Aang said.

“Aang, my kids just lost their mother, I have to stay.”

Katara walked up to him, “Sokka I know you, and you want to avenge Suki’s death.”

Sokka looked and Katara for a long-time and then finally groaned, “Curse peer pressure, o.k. I’m in.”

Everyone was happy, well kind of. Everyone was nervous. They were going against Azula. A person who they hadn’t beaten in ten years. They were scared but they were ready. They were ready for Azula.