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Race to the Northern Water Tribe is the sixth chapter of Azula's Revenge and is written by VJavatar


The JourneyEdit

Aang was in the saddle of Appa caring for Zuko and Katara. Zuko was in worse condition but he loved Katara more. This made it even worse. They were both breathing slowly and were both growing.Sokka was flying Appa, Toph was helping Aang, and Suki was flying the airship that Zuko came in. "HURRY!" Aang screamed.

"I'm trying. He can only go so fast." Appa was already tired and they weren't even half way there.

Aang knew that they couldn't keep this pace for a while. Appa wasn't young enough to keep up this pace. So Aang decided to move Zuko and Katara to the airship and have Suki and Toph land in Omashu. Sokka would join Aang to aid them. When they reached the water tribe, Aang carried Katara and Sokka carried Zuko to the healing hut. While there, the healers worked day and night to try to heal them.

The HealingEdit

The next day, Mai, Ursa, Mai Lee, and Xin Fu came to the tribe. When they arrived, they received some good news. Katara had been healed and was fine. Zuko, however, was still under. Aang was getting nervous. It had been about two months. And they had no idea what Azula was doing in the Earth Kingdom. She could be dead or she could have taken over the whole Kingdom and started a new war. Extremely nervous, Aang called a meeting of the Four Nation Council at the Northern Water Tribe. After another week of waiting, the leaders arrived. Fortunately, Azula had not been seen and Zuko was coming around, but it would be another week before he would be able to leave. So, they decided to have the meeting in the healing room while Katara healed Zuko.

The MeetingEdit

"We need to decide what to do about Azula" The Earth King promptly stood up.

"I think I know what to do." Aang groaned.

Every Earth King plan usually ends in a large assault and many earthbenders being killed.

"No" said Aang before the Earth King even spoke.

"Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Suki, and I will take care of it." Everyone nodded.

They knew this was the only way to defeat Azula. Next week the gang left for Omashu where they would pick Toph and Suki up. Now they were on the hunt. The hunt for Azula.