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Return of Team Avatar is the third chapter of the fanon series Azula's Revenge, written by VJavatar.


Finding KataraEdit

Aang was on his way to the Northern Air Temple, on his way home, to Katara. But he didn't want to go home like this. He was about to put her life in danger, again. But this time he had to. Azula would not only destroy anyone that tried to capture her, but she is crazy. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Finally, he arrived at the the return of Team Avatar Temple. Katara and the mechanist were waiting for him. The Mechanist was now second-in-command in the Air Nomads and had lost his son in a natural gas explosion that was not contained. When Katara had heard that Azula had escaped she was shocked. She was the on who had her captured in the first place. "That's why I'll need your help, we NEED your help." Katara thought about it, then sighed and said.

"I'll join you, but only if Sokka, Suki, and Toph are coming."

Aang turns to the Mechanist "Watch our kids while were gone."

Azula to Kyoshi Island Edit

Azula was on a boat, heading to Kyoshi Island, Zulan and her were going over the plans. It was simple, they were going to go into the city hall while the Island council meeting was taking place. There they would use there firebending skills to take down the non-bending island. Azula's goal was not to use this island as a launching point for a two man invasion of the Earth Kingdom. There plan was simply to lure Team Avatar to the island. The boat was just docking on the island when Azula began her fight. She used her firebending to burn a wooden house. Zulan then attacked the guards of the boat and then threw them over the side. Azula began running toward the city hall, Zulan followed. Azula reached the city hall and waited for Zulan. Zulan finally caught up, "Wow, you're fast."

"Thanks," she said. "Now let's go."

Azula broke down the wall, and instantly was hit by a rock. An earthbending master was on the island. Azula and Zulan were not expecting one, because Kyoshi Island was so far away that earthbenders rarely came to the island. He was only there for a family wedding. But he now was there to defend the island. Although one good earthbender vs. two master firebenders is very unfair. He was able to fight off Azula just long enough for suki to arrive. The two of them could beat Azula, but then Zulan showed up. Zulan than struck the earthbender down and killed him. Now without any benders to help her, Suki couldn't defend herself, she ran. Azula followed. She ran into a seller and then sent a emergency message to Omashu were Sokka was.

Finding Sokka and TophEdit

Zuko was flying the royal airship to Omashu to meet Sokka, Toph, and Suki. Sokka was the only other person besides Aang that Zuko told about his father. Now Zuko needed them for an important assignment. When Zuko arrived Toph and Sokka were waiting for him. Sokka had arrived in town to meet Toph to discuss Earth Kingdom issues. Zuko asked them if they wanted to join him in the hunt. Toph immediately says yes, but Sokka was apprehensive. "I really don't want to, Suki will miss me."

But before Sokka could make a decision, an S.O.S came from Kyoshi Island. Azula was holding the island captive. Now Sokka agreed to join them. They left for Chin Village where they would meet Aang and Katara. Team Avatar was back.