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The Hunt is the seventh chapter of Azula's Revenge and is written by VJavatar


The search Edit

"You know in an airship, the Earth Kingdom seems so small." Suki was talking to Toph while there were in the air.

"Yeah, too bad there are about a million places to hide" Toph replied annoyed.

She turned to Aang, "You know we'll never find her, the world's to big." Aang ignored her.

Zuko looked nervous. "Zuko, don't worry, we'll find her."

Zuko didn't say anything. Aang tried to reassure him but it didn't work. Zuko suddenly said "We need to go west to Ba Sing Se. I have a bad feeling that she's there."

Aang laughed "I would doubt it. Every Earth Kingdom trooper in the city knows what she looks like. She would be killed before she knew it."

Zuko looked at hem like he's crazy. "Are you crazy? Azula and that other guy are crazy. They will stop at nothing to ruin the relationship between the four nations and start a new war."

Aang seemed assured. "Don't worry." As they were talking Katara saw something she wished she hadn't.

The BattleEdit

"Uhhh, guys," Katara said scarily, "I think we need to move."

Aang looked confused. "What?"

"Azula, she following us."

Aang and Zuko looked out the window and Azula and Zulan were using their firebending to launch themselves toward the airship and were coming in fast. "We have to stop them."

Katara yelled. "Relax, what can she do."

Zuko replied calmly. Just then, Zulan exploded the left engine and Azula exploded the right engine. The airship was going down over the Great Divide. And it was going down fast. "Quick everyone get on Appa," Aang yelled.

As soon as everyone was in, Appa took off. However, Appa could not fly all of them. They landed just outside the great divide. Just as they landed, the airship crashed. They were safe. "Where's Azula?" Katara asked.

Aang looked around. Azula wasn't there. She wasn't anywhere.