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The Mission is the second chapter of the fanon series Azula's Revenge, written by VJavatar.


The Decision Edit

Aang and Zuko were in the palace talking over what just happened, Azula had escaped, and the Earth King declared that if she was found in the Earth Kingdom, she would be killed without asking questions."I don't see what else they can do," Zuko said to Aang horrified.

"The Earth King doesn't want any threats anymore, a hundred years of them seemed enough." Aang laughed at that, but Zuko didn't.

"Well then, I think our mission is clear," Aang replied. "We need to find Azula, and bring her back to the Fire Nation before the Earth Kingdom can get their hands on her."

Zuko thought about it for a long time, then said, "Let's go."

Mai and ZukoEdit

Zuko was packing, preparing to head to the Earth Kingdom, to find Toph and then Sokka. He was almost finished when Mai walked in and stopped him. "Please don't go," Mai said. "We have a family, you have duties to do for your nation." Zuko just kept saying no. "I need to go, I need to find her and bring her back. If she stays, she could kill a lot of people and possibly start a new war. I won't let that happen."

Mai just rolled her eyes, "Why did I marry the firelord?"

Zuko went in for the kiss, but before he had the chance, Aang walked in, "Ready?" Zuko sighed, then replied, "Fine." "Alright, the airship is waiting for you to take you to Omashu to get Toph and Sokka and I'll take Appa to go to the northern Air Temple."

On the streets of OmashuEdit

Azula was walking through the rained soaked streets of Omashu. On a day like this no one was on the streets, this was the perfect time to meet someone. All of the sudden, a man walked up to her. "Well, you'll do, it's time to avenge my father's death. It's time for my revenge."


  • This is the last episode where Aang is in the Fire Nation in Book 1.
  • This episode is largely a filler. However this does have some major character development.