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The Air Nation Temples


Appa was flying Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph to the Northern Air Temple. There, their children were waiting. Aang decided that while fighting Azula, they were to many of them to fight all by themselves. So he decided to use the children, Tenzin, Jet, Lema, and Yue. Aang was conflicted on weather or not to use Yue, after all Suki was dead and Sokka was still upset.

“Sokka, we need Yue. She is the only master waterbender.” Aang asked pleadingly.

“I don’t know Aang, she’s still upset.”

“But we need as many benders as we can get.”

Sokka looked at him with a combination of anger and sadness. After all, Sokka was not a bender. After Yue was born, Sokka found out that he was the carrier of the bending gene. It was at this point that he realized that he was so close to being a bender. Since then, he had been trying to convince Aang to energybend him into becoming a waterbender, but Aang always said no.

“Fine,” Sokka said eventually. “She can go, I want Azula dead, and I’ll do whatever it takes.”

They reached the Northern Air Temple later that day. After flying to the edge of Fire Nation waters, nearly drowning, and almost getting zapped by Azula, Aang was tired. Katara and Aang went to their “apartment” and there they finally saw their children.

Aang and Katara hadn’t seen their children in over a month, but it seemed as if time has speed up on them. Jet, the oldest, had grown almost three inches in the month and Tenzin, the youngest, had started to learn new moves that even his father had not yet learned.

“Mom! Dad!” Jet yelled. They ran over to them.

“Jet!” Katara yelled.

“Tenzin!” Aang yelled.

Aang went over to hug Tenzin and Katara ran over to Jet. Tenzin was in shock and Jet was crying.

“We were so worried. There were roomers that you guys had been killed.” Jet said.

“It’s ok, don’t worry about us.” Katara said.

Aang then said, “We came home because we need your help. We need your help to help us take down Azula.”

Tenzin and jet looked at each other then cheerfully said, “No.”

“What do you mean, no?”

“We mean we don’t want to.”

Why not?”

“Because the last time we went to help I broke my arm and Tenzin got burned.”

Aang then got mad, “Well we need you.” Katara then stopped them “Aang, can I see you for a second.”

Aang walked over to her. “What are you thinking?” She said in a hushed anger. “You know they don’t want to go, are you crazy? Just walking in and saying we need you to help us kill someone.”

“Fine Katara, you think you’re so good, YOU try!” Aang yelled and stormed.

Katara walked over to the kids. “Jet, Tenzin…”

Before she could even finished Jet stopped “Mom, we are not going with you, I like my skin where it is.”

Katara smirked then said with a sigh, “Usra’s coming.”

Jet looked at her in shocked. When they were little, Jet and Usra were best friends. Even though they were a year apart, they still felt a connection. Jet couldn’t resist going with them. “Alright, I’ll go.”

Tenzin look at him, “Well I’m not going to stay at him by myself. I guess I’m in.”

“Alright then, Usra and Yue and on their way.”

Usra and Yue arrived later that day, and though they were eager, they were very nervous. They were ready, however, to begin training. At least, they thought, this would help them prepare for everything then would eventually have to face when their parents could no longer fight.

During the middle of Aang’s conversation with the kids the Mechanist walked in.

“Ahh, Hello.” Aang said, surprised.

“Sorry to bother you during the training, but I have good news!”

Aang looked confused, “I’m listening…”