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Aang and Katara woke up at 5 in the morning. Aang woke up first, walked outside into the frigid temperatures of a fire nation winter. Even being less the 50 miles form the equator, Aang still felt cold. Katara woke up 20 minutes later. She was surprised. Back home, Aang would have never waked up this early. Normally he would have woken up at around 9:30, gotten dressed, and then gone to train his son Tenzin in airbending, but ever since Azula killed Zuko, Aang has been different he has changed. Katara walked up to Aang, who was sitting on the edge of the cliff.

“Why are you up so early?” Katara asked with a touch of concern.

“I can’t sleep, I have a lot on my mind.” Aang replied.

“Aang, don’t do this, all of this isn’t your fault.” Katara replied, now worried.

“Yes it is Katara, I had her beat and I blew it.”

“Aang calm down!”

“I not going to, it’s my fault she still out there and it’s my responsibility to take her down, bye Katara, I need to do this bye myself.”

Aang grabbed his glider and was off. Katara watched him leave, and as soon as he left, she started crying. A half-hour later, Toph woke up and ran over to Katara.

“What’s wrong? Where’s Aang?” Toph said, confused.

“He left. He’s thinks he’s has to do this all by himself.” Katara replied.

“Well let’s go find him. Sokka! Let’s go, were leaving!”

Aang was flying ocean of Avatar Kyoshi. It is the ocean that separates the Fire Nation from the Earth Kingdom. Aang had been flying for over an hour and he was tired. He was dreaming of a world without Azula, a world where he and Katara are resting comfortably at the Northern Air Temple and Zuko and Mai are walking through the garden and Sokka and Suki are sitting watching the kids practice their bending. Aang looked up and realized that he was just feet from the ocean. He pulled up and that’s when he saw it.

Azula walked around her Mammoth ship. This ship houses over 50,000 Earth Kingdom, supplies, and of course Azula and Zulan. This ship was a feat by the Earth Kingdom Army. It is bigger than any other ship in the world. Azula decided to use it for the invasion, mainly because it is one of the only ships that the army has. Zulan approached Azula with some news.

“Azula we have just entered Fire Nation waters.”

“Good.” Azula said. “Prepare the Troops.”

“Yes master.”

Aang looked at the ship, and instantly saw that it was Azula’s. Aang was wondering what to. If he attacked, it might be a waist of time. If he doesn’t, Azula might escape. But, he didn’t need to.

“Look, it the Avatar!” a soldier yelled.

“Fire at him!” another screamed.

Aang saw a bolder and ducked out of the sky. Another missed him as he ducked down. Just then a flaming rock came off the ship. Zulan was on deck and was helping the soldiers. Aang decided to land, if Zulan was there, Azula was too. Aang climbed higher so that he couldn’t be seen. Zulan started yelling.

“Find him! Shoot him down!”

Azula came down stairs.

“What is going on down here?” she yelled.

“The Avatar is up in the clouds.“ Zulan replied.

“Then what are you waiting for?”

It was the captain who answered. “Azula we can’t, he to high up.”

Azula looked at him for a second, and then threw the captain overboard. He turned to Zulan, and then said, “If you don’t shoot him down soon, you’re the next one over!”

Zulan looked at her emotionlessly and then looked at the sky. He then shot a bolt of lighting and it hit Aang’s glider. Aang saw the hole and saw that he was going to crash. He decided to crash into the ocean and swim to avoid be captured. He crashed into the ocean and let out a large scream. When landed his glider hit his arm. He couldn’t swim. He started to faint, just then a net came around him, grabbed him, and pulled him up.

Azula looked at Aang and then looked at Zulan. She was wondering what to do, kill him now and Iroh suffer alone through the war, or let him live and then let him have to watch thousands die. She looked at Zulan. “What should I do?”

Zulan thought for a second, then said. “Keep him.”

She looked at Aang who was being held by medal chains. Unknown to Azula, Aang had mastered the art of Metalbending. Azula looked at him as if she owned him.

“What do think I should do to you? Should I kill you, or let you watch?”

Aang didn’t say anything, he didn’t move.

“What should I do?”

Aang looked at he then said, “I hoped your father burned in hell.”

“That’s it! Your dead!” Azula began to produce lighting, then all of the sudden; a wave of water hit the boat and knocked Azula off her feet. Aang looked up and saw Katara, Sokka, and Toph. Toph ran over to Aang and released him, while Katara and Sokka began prepared fight Azula. Aang yelled at them, “Guys don’t she’s to powerful! RUN!” They all got up on Appa and he flew off. Azula shot some fire but the were out of range. Azula screamed and the turned to the first Lit. “You’re the captain now, prepare the invasion fleet.”

“Yes, maim.”

Aang looked at Katara then said to her. “Were going to Northern Air Temple, we need help.”